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Friday, 30-Nov-2007 17:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
luv is leya....

luv at first sight
1 day old eleya
my smiling baby
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finally..alhamdulillah..on the 17th of november at 8.45 pm, i gave birth to a beautiful baby, eleya sofea , witnessed by my wonderful husband and mother..the anticipation of her arrival had already been felt a week before when i was admitted 2 times in the hospital due to a leaking ketuban..this time, keen on not having a false alarm and being the boy who cried wolf, i waited till the actual due date although i had already been showing signs of pre labour before..on that morning, i was beginning to have contractions so i asked my mother to accompany me to the hospital to see my practitioner, Dr. Thokha. after checking me and having an internal examination, he asked me, " are u ready for labour? " . Half dazed and teriffied i gave a nod and then everything began to move fast..he inserted a pill to help my contractions and admitted me to the ward, up at the ward the nurse prepared me by strapping me to a monitor to monitor my contractions..at one o clock, the nurse told me to wait in the labour room until the delivery..suddenly i felt a sudden urge to run and flee ..the moment that i had been waiting for was now terrifying me!!..of course, it was inevitable, so i decided to go about it as best as i could..the nurses asked if i wanted epidural during the delivery, however after knowing the side effects of not feeling anything when pushing, bravely, though scared of what a dumb choice i might of taken,i decided not to take it, but opted for a more milder form of pain relief..

at 5 pm, my contractions were getting aggressive and my hubby was beginning to be my punching bag, i think i nearly broke his arm, by twisting and turning his hand, but it was a source of comfort to me..and his soothing voice telling me to berzikir, was better than any epidural i could of taken, during the contractions, everything began to run through my mind, alhamdulillah, i thought, i had already asked for forgiveness from my hubby,parents and family if anything was to happen to me..at 7 pm, i knew it was nearly time, as i thought that the baby maybe wanted to have the same time of delivery as me, which was 8.18..i had a sudden urge to push, but the nurse & doctor were nowhere to be seen, i screamed to my hubby " where's the nurse?" as i frantically didn't know whether i should push or not..finally, after what seemed like ages, the dr. came in and said i was open 8 cm and i could start pushing ..

i started to push as i never thought i could, but then , as if there wasn't a better time, my leg started to cramp and at my final push, the doctor had to pull the baby with a vacuum..the weird thing was, i couldn't feel the baby's head coming out and i was worried she wouldn't come out..but then i heard something that sounded like ploop, and saw a tiny leg at the corner of my eye. finally the doctor held up my beautiful baby girl and put her on my tummy after sucking out her fluids..at that moment, all the pain in the world vanished as i took a look at her beautiful face, she didn't cry at the top of her lungs like i have always seen in movies, but her cry was a soft cooing sound, which made her seem more endearing..i looked at my hubby and my mother who were with me through the whole process and praised Allah for giving me the greatest gift of all..

after everyone had cleared the room, the doctor started to sew me up ..yikes.. but i was so tired that i wasn't thinking of the pain, but kept dozing off to sleep as my dotting doctor began to tell me what to eat and what not to eat and how he was sewing me with jahit sembat, which nearly made me laugh if it wasn't for the needle down under..

Wednesday, 1-Aug-2007 05:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
fav wedding pics

anak dara lagi..
luv this pic..
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decided to post some of my fav pics of the wedding..

Thursday, 22-Feb-2007 17:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my kids have made it!! got their diploma..

eva in action
dpt kek..mcm birthday..
jejaka macho..
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at last my students have passed their evaluation by the board ....

Wednesday, 13-Dec-2006 07:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
finally..mrs. bosse..

nikah with my bridesmaid
potong kek...
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alhamdulillah..9th December , air tawar, merlimau , melaka ( nenek's house ) , i became mrs. bosse..everything went well...eventhough there were a few hitches here & there but everything was still beautiful..

thnx to everyone that came & to all the darlings that helped out..my lovely parents , aunts, uncles, neneks, atoks , cousins..my darling staff & students ( ramai sgt to mention ) of Pritec..aleng ( wonderful makeup) , abg shahmir ( beautiful photos..lum tgk lg sbnrnye), chief cook ( mak awa - masak sendiri dgn org kg, tak buat catering ) , my supportive friends ( bbgsians & frm UM too many to mention ) & bosse's friends from SDAR & SST and parents' friends who came all the way to melaka..

there were some that i sadly didn't get a chance to invite .. it was hectic..especially when i don't have any other siblings to help me out and a college of hyperactive students to attend to..however it was sooo much fun...

we also had a bullying session ( of course to the newly weds ) the next day , we had to basuh periuk besau gile ( org melaka ckp mcm tu) and got conteng with arang and kena kejar & kena simbah dgn air cat by farid the rascal &the other rascals in pritec ...hahah..gmbr burok gile..malu nak upload..anyways..a big thank you to everyone...

oh & also to the tok imam who was cute gileee...comel & kecik je die..without him i wouldn't be lawfully married now..

Thursday, 28-Sep-2006 16:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the blower's daughter..lagu lain pulak..

actually..dah penat pulak dgr lagu tu..dgr lagu nie pulak..sorry tak boleh nk upload gmbr baru..camera kena curi kat hotel last week ...sedih & frustrating..klu dpt kamera frm the skies( turun daripada langit) nti i'll upload some more kay..

lyrics to ..
The Blower's Daughter..sung by..Damien Rice
And so it is..just like you said it would be...life goes easy on me..most of the time..
and so it is..the shorter story..no love , no glory..no hero in her skies..i can't take my eyes off of you 3x ..i can't take my eyes off of you 3x...
and so it is , just like you said it should be..we'll both forget the breeze..most of the time..and so it is..the colder water..the blower's daughter...the pupil in denial..i can't take my eyes off of you 3x..i can't take my eyes off of you 3x.. did i say that i loathe you..did i say that i want to leave it all behind..i can't take my mind off of you 2x..i can't take my mind off of you 2x..

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